TB Easy Device and application suite for TB testing

Revolutionising the world of TB testing for veterinary practices, our advanced handheld device is waterproof as well as robust and allows quick and effortless TB Test Data input and upload.

The future proof handset has the ability to scan bar codes located on the animal’s ear tags or to read EDI chips. With built in quick find
features and quick report function, the handset is designed to increase efficiency and accuracy out in the field.

handheld TB test deviceTest Data can be manipulated and archived in the TB Easy® back office software, quick search functions enable the user to display a history of test results. Plus, all data can be exported to a Microsoft Excel file (.csv).. Furthermore the test results may be manually input through the back office application.

The data is also safe, identifiable and easily stored thus meeting data protection legislation.

The Casio device is a recognised as an industry leader for data input and has been widely adopted by all types of businesses for its simplicity, efficiency and security. It is perfect for use in all types of weather and environments, whether in rain, wind, snow or shine.

Supported by a simple lease deal and educational package, getting started could not be easier for taking the major step to revolutionizing the testing of Tuberculosis by your practice.

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