TB testing equipment / TB test data management

We promise to revolutionize the way TB testing is carried out by you…handheld TB test device

The new software and equipment from Insignia Technology Systems introduces a new dawn to the TB testing world for veterinary practices. The TBEasy® future-proof and waterproof handheld device allows quick and effortless Test Data input and TB test data management

Increased efficiency and accuracy is achieved with the ability to scan bar codes located on ear tags, read EDI chips automatically or use the quick-find feature and quick report functions of the device.

With TBEasy ®, your data is safe, identifiable and easily stored, thus meeting data protection legislation, and the Casio handheld device is recognised as an industry leader for data input – providing simplicity, efficiency and security and is perfect for use in all types of environments including rain, wind or snow.

The whole process to test for Tuberculosis now takes minutes per animal, not hours!

Insignia Technology Systems – revolutionizing the way TB testing is carried out by you.